Sporting Attractions near Your Montebello Apartment

Apartments in Montebello CAAre you itching to get out and practice your favorite sporting game this summer? With batting cages, a golf course and more, you can enjoy your community sports attractions near your Montebello apartments. Whether you prefer a game of golf with friends or want to practice your batting for the season, be sure to check out these local options.

Montebello Golf Course
901 Via San Clemente │ Montebello CA

Your community golf course is an 18-hole championship course with 120 acres and three lakes. When visiting the course, you must wear proper golf attire, such as collared shirts and no metal spikes. There are also discount golf cards available for you as a resident of Montebello, so be sure to get your discount card and make this a summer favorite.

Montebello Batting Cages
600 Rea Drive │ Montebello CA

You can also visit the full-size outdoor batting cage near your Montebello apartment. For your convenience, the automatic ball loader will help you practice your technique with ease. Hardball cages are 40, 60, 70 and 90 MPH and for the hour you pay for hitting, you will not have to worry about wasting time picking up balls or loading your own machine.

5 Things You Need for Your Montebello Apartment

Apartments in Montebello CAWhether you are moving into your first apartment or are going on your second year, there are some basic items you should have for your home. Here is a basic list of staples for your Montebello apartment.

Kitchen Utensils: Be sure you have the kitchen utensils and cooking basics you need. Some important items include can openers, sharp knives, wooden spoons, pots and pans.

Mini Toolbox: Be sure you have some necessary tools so you are prepared for any quick fixes around your space. A screw driver, hammer and tape measure are all necessary as well as Allen wrenches for any new furniture building.

Light Sources: Although there will be overhead lighting, you will want your own floor lamps or desk lamps to keep your space well lit and make your place feel more like home.

Extension Cords: It is highly likely that you have more appliances than outlets in your space, so you will need extension cords. This is also an easy way to have more control over energy usage as you can turn the power off for the whole strip.

Plants: At least one plant can easily liven up your space with the natural beauty and added relaxation of greenery to your Montebello apartment. You can opt for easy-to-maintain succulents, which will not require regular watering.

Bring Your Kids to Montebello’s Barnyard Zoo this Summer

Apartments in Montebello CAIf you are looking for family-friendly places to bring your kids this summer near your Montebello apartment, be sure to add the Montebello Barnyard Zoo to your list. There are quite a few attractions to keep your kids fully entertained throughout your visit to this local zoo. Whether you pack a picnic for the family or plan a birthday party with their friends, there is fun to be had by all.

If you are planning a birthday party but want to have it at your own venue, look into the Traveling Zoo option. You can bring a petting zoo and pony ride to your home or other location for kids party while providing a fun and interactive learning experience. You can also reserve a birthday party at the Barnyard Zoo, so be sure to plan accordingly for your child’s next birthday.

Barnyard Zoo Attractions:

  • Pony Ride
  • Train Ride
  • Merry-go Round
  • Petting Zoo
  • Stone Mining
  • Playground
  • Picnic Area

Additional Information:

Montebello Barnyard Zoo
600 Rea Drive │ Montebello CA


Alzheimer’s Caregiver Wellness Day in Montebello

Apartments in Montebello CAThis Friday, June 13 is the annual Caregiver Wellness Day presented by the Alzheimer’s Association for Alzheimer’s caregivers in your Montebello community. The theme of this year’s event is Patience, Perseverance and Persistence. Attendees will benefit from educated and experienced speakers and can also peruse a number of helpful resource tables. Caregivers are invited to attend to connect with others in similar situations and to find self-care, renewal and support. Attendees can enjoy a continental breakfast, lunch, high blood pressure and diabetes screening and a number of relaxation activities. There will be a number of professionals who specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, available to provide support and information. The main goal of the event is to help caregivers find the importance of self-care to help reduce stress and depression levels. Caregivers can find the tools and resources they need for better support while meeting others throughout their community that are in the same situation. Additional Details: June 13, 2014 │ 8:30a – 4:00p DePaul Center 1105 Bluff Road │ Montebello CA