Kids Fun In and Around Montebello

Your kids are always looking to have fun and if you leave them bored for even the slightest second, your apartment might get turned upside down. If you are looking to stay busy and get out of the house, the City of Montebello has a near endless amount of options, and all you have to do is look. The review website Yelp recently conducted a poll voting on the best kid’s activity to try in and around the Montebello area, and here is a quick list of the top three choices.




Montebello Barnyard Zoo
600 Rea Dr
Montebello, CA 90640

Phone number: (213) 718-5442


Jump ‘n Jammin
400 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone number: (626) 821-9120


Catherine Hensel Youth Center
236 George Hensel Dr
Montebello, CA 90640

Phone number: (323) 887-4577


Security Deposit Tips and Help

Here are a few tips and help for getting your security deposit back once you move out. The process is typically simple, if you have done an adequate amount of cleaning, but sometimes disputes can arise.




Explanation: if your landlord withholds any portion of your deposit, they are required by law to provide a written account of the deduction details.


Communicate: landlords are not evil people out to get you, so before you move out, ask the landlord to do a quick walk through to be sure you are leaving the apartment in the correct order.


Stains: managers can only deduct deposits for damages, and they are responsible for items that are normal wear and tear. However, wall and carpet stains are not considered normal wear and tear so be sure to clean those areas.




3 Tips to use When Taking a Spin Class In Montebello

Spin classes are the new “it” workout that celebrities, trainers and your neighbors all swear by. The workout is a high intensity indoor cycling routine that will leave you dripping in sweat. If you are trying to get back in shape this year, here are a few tips for participating in a spin class.




Expect a workout: spin classes are typically a 45-minute workout that will leave you soaking in sweat. The workout may seem easy, but do not be thrown off by how trendy it is, because you will be put to work. So be ready.


Bike form: follow your instructor’s advice and work on your bike form. Proper form will make the workout easier and give you more power and energy.


The right clothes: clothes can pay a huge role in your exercise, so go for form fitting polyester materials that allow you to breath during a workout. Do not be afraid to bring a pair of bike shorts.

How to Eat Sushi in Montebello

Sushi can be a complicated dish to eat, because like most other cuisines you don’t just pick up a fork and start eating. If sushi will be on your menu in 2016, here are a few tips for eating at a sushi restaurant.




Ginger: is used to cleanse your palate when switching to a different sushi roll.


Seating: if you would like to see your food prepared, ask to be seated the sushi bar, if not ask for a regular table.


Ordering: if you are eating at the sushi bar, only ask the chef for sushi items. Drinks, soups and anything else should be directed to the waiter.


Wasabi: do not mix wasabi with soy sauce. The wasabi was meant to be dabbed on your sushi and not mixed. If you need the taste of soy sauce, go head and tip your sushi piece (with wasabi) into the sauce.