How To Spring Clean Your Apartment

Spring cleaning is one of those huge chores that should be completed at least once a year. A deep cleaning of your apartment will keep your area organized and help get your security deposit back at the end of your lease. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to try.

Vodka on mattress: create a vodka and water mix with three parts water to one-part vodka, and spray it on your bed. The Vodka will disinfect the bed will the water will dilute the strong smell.


Wax on stove: after you are done cleaning the stove put some car wax on it to leave the top shiny and clean. The wax will also make clean up a breeze as stains will wipe away.


Lemon in disposal: if you have a smelly garbage disposal cut up a lemon and put it inside. The strong smell of lemon will clean the disposal right up,

Security Deposit Tips and Help

Here are a few tips and help for getting your security deposit back once you move out. The process is typically simple, if you have done an adequate amount of cleaning, but sometimes disputes can arise.


Explanation: if your landlord withholds any portion of your deposit, they are required by law to provide a written account of the deduction details.


Communicate: landlords are not evil people out to get you, so before you move out, ask the landlord to do a quick walk through to be sure you are leaving the apartment in the correct order.


Stains: managers can only deduct deposits for damages, and they are responsible for items that are normal wear and tear. However, wall and carpet stains are not considered normal wear and tear so be sure to clean those areas.