Heavenly Choice: Most Fun Place in Montebello

Heavenly Choice is truly Montebello’s hidden gem. Located on Montebello Boulevard, this store has an amazing vintage collection, ranging from Betty Boop memorabilia as well as that of James Dean, Felix the Cat, and other famous icons. The store helps set you up with unique supplies for any parties you have coming up, but they are particularly good at helping with bachelor/bachelorette parties. There is an adult section in this store that has props you won’t find anywhere else in Montebello. Heavenly Choice is full of history, just ask the owner Denise, who comes in a few times a week. This was the first sex positive store out in East Los Angeles, and how it came to be placed in Montebello has an interesting story. Denise also hosts a “women’s class” every so often where one could try pole dancing and sampling different adult products over wine and snacks. You won’t find any other place like this in the otherwise relatively conservative Montebello!