How To Create a DIY Lantern To Spice Up Your Décor

Changing your apartment’s décor for the summer doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking and adding a few accent pieces here and there can make a huge different. One great thing you can do this summer is to create lanterns to place in your patio, balcony or anywhere else in your apartment. The process is so simple you don’t even have to be a DIY expert either. The toughest part will be find old birdcages.

The first step is to go to a second-hand store and search for old bird cages or anything that can act as a lantern. The next step is to spray paint them a bold summer color and let them sit until dry. The last step is to purchase a few LED candle lights and place them inside the cage. There you have it, a DIY lantern that is sure to spice up your summer décor.