How to Eat Sushi in Montebello

Sushi can be a complicated dish to eat, because like most other cuisines you don’t just pick up a fork and start eating. If sushi will be on your menu in 2016, here are a few tips for eating at a sushi restaurant.

Ginger: is used to cleanse your palate when switching to a different sushi roll.


Seating: if you would like to see your food prepared, ask to be seated the sushi bar, if not ask for a regular table.


Ordering: if you are eating at the sushi bar, only ask the chef for sushi items. Drinks, soups and anything else should be directed to the waiter.


Wasabi: do not mix wasabi with soy sauce. The wasabi was meant to be dabbed on your sushi and not mixed. If you need the taste of soy sauce, go head and tip your sushi piece (with wasabi) into the sauce.