3 Tips to use When Taking a Spin Class In Montebello

Spin classes are the new “it” workout that celebrities, trainers and your neighbors all swear by. The workout is a high intensity indoor cycling routine that will leave you dripping in sweat. If you are trying to get back in shape this year, here are a few tips for participating in a spin class.

Expect a workout: spin classes are typically a 45-minute workout that will leave you soaking in sweat. The workout may seem easy, but do not be thrown off by how trendy it is, because you will be put to work. So be ready.


Bike form: follow your instructor’s advice and work on your bike form. Proper form will make the workout easier and give you more power and energy.


The right clothes: clothes can pay a huge role in your exercise, so go for form fitting polyester materials that allow you to breath during a workout. Do not be afraid to bring a pair of bike shorts.