Three Bad Habits That Are Aging You In Your Montebello Apartments

Harboring a set of bad habits can do a lot more than ruin your life—they can actually age it. Here are three bad habits that are aging youin your Montebello apartments.




Desserts: your dessert cravings may be adding years and wrinkles to your face. Sugar molecules attach to the cells in your face and can produce dark circles under your eyes while taking away that radiance glow.






Lack of sleep: life can be busy, especially if you are trying to balance work, school, family a social life or a career. However, not getting enough sleep will take its toll on your body and shorten your life span.





Watching TV: this might be a tough one to hear, because we all love watching a great episode of Game of Thrones, but according to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, watching one hour of television will cut your life expectancy by 22 minutes.


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