Why You Should Conserve Water in Your Montebello Apartment

Water is a finite resource that most people take for granted because it easily pours from our faucets every day or can be purchased at a store without any issues. However, wasting water is a huge issue affecting the environment and California as a whole. Here are three reasons why you should conserve water in your Montebello apartment.




Water is finite: since the earth is composed of mostly water, many of us assume that harnessing that resource is simple. However, 97 percent of the water on earth is salt water, which is not safe to consume.



Greenhouse gases: the energy that goes into heating, delivering and treating water also releases an astounding amount of Greenhouse gases over the course of a year which adds to the global warming problem.



Drought: we hear about it all the time, but California is currently in the middle of a drought and one person saving water can make a huge difference. Making small changes to your lifestyle will save thousands of gallon of water per year.

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