Will the US Government Tax Sweets in Your Montebello Apartments?

soda tax


The United States government might be taxing Americans with a sweet tooth if the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has its way. The committee recently released a report to the Obama Administration detailing ways to fight obesity, which currently affects more than a third of the US population.


The panel believes that higher taxes on certain sweets like sodas and other sugar-laced items “may encourage consumers to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption” and they would use the tax revenue for nutrition education and fruit subsidies.


However, there is already a pushback from those companies that produce the sugary sweets. Most do not want to see any guidelines telling consumers to eat less of their product. The idea of taxing sweets is far from a done deal, but the prospect is already in the air, dont be surprise if the next time you reach for a Coke, there is a sugar tax involved.

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