Quick and Easy Grilling Tips


Do you need a little help grilling this summer? Maybe cooking and BBQs just aren’t your thing. But there is no need to worry, because grilling is a low pressure way to cook that anyone can get the hang of. You might not become a grill master in a week, but with our quick and easy tips, you’ll be serving great meals in no time. Here are a few tips.

Don’t pierce the meat: piercing the meat will only cause the juices to leak out and the meat will dry up faster. If you are cooking chicken, let the meat take its time cooking on low or in direct heat.

Grilling veggies: grilled veggies can be tough to do during a BBQ. Instead, wrap your veggie mix in foil, toss in some butter or olive oil and let them cook off to the side.

Let it cook: most of us have a tendency to want to constant check on the meat. But the best way to cook is by closing the meat and letting it cook uninterrupted.