Yummy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The Fall season is the time of festivities and food is just a part of it. These yummy Thanksgiving side dishes will help you out to plan much ahead.

You will need some time to prepare French Potatoes but the result is splendid. Boil sliced potatoes with salt and pepper. Toss it in 3 tablespoons of olive oil with garlic and onion. Bake the mixture for an hour and half  and let it cool down before serving. Sliced tomatoes on top can infuse magical flavor to this side dish.

Spicy Spinach is a healthy and delicious Thanksgiving side dish. Other than its creamy texture the spicy taste makes it highly in demand.

Shallow Fried Brussel Sprouts will make you fall in love with veggies once again. Keep eggs, flour and bread crumbs separate and dip boiled Brussel Sprouts in each of them. Shallow fry them in canola oil and serve with buffalo sauce!